Exceptional Magic for Delphi 3..XE4 and C++ Builder 4..XE4
This unit replaces standard exception handling behaviour with much more controlled and informative one. It allows you to customize many aspects of exception handling and provides a lot of useful info and features:
  • location of exception in source (file name & line number)
  • custom exception filters
  • intercepts exceptions in DLLs
  • call-stack information (module name & proc name)
  • contents of CPU registers and stack
  • custom formatting of error message
  • custom displaying of error message
  • write exception information into log file

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TDSPack utility for Exceptional Magic unit
TDSPack compresses and optimizes debug information into more compact and secure form.
  • Reads standard Borland TDS debug-info from both executable and TDS-files
  • Writes TDS files (full or optimized)
  • Strips debug-info from executables
  • Appends debug-info to executables
ExceptionalMagic 1.76 (demo version) + TDSPack
It's fully functional version with following limitations:
  • Works only with original, unoptimized and uncompressed debuginfo
  • Displays nag message after every exception
Sample applications (tested with Delphi 6 and C++ Builder 6)
Old downloads
MegaDemo 1.51 program (with D5 sources)
Precompiled demo program. Demonstrates almost everything of EM functionality.
TDSPack utility 1.51
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